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KonoSuba - Megumin

KonoSuba - Megumin

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Megumin is a hyperactive girl who, like most members of her clan, suffers from eighth grader syndrome. She adores flashy performances and cool phrases, as well as being the center of attention.

Megumin is highly intelligent and insightful, but lacks self-control, especially when it comes to explosion magic. Although she is usually calm and cheerful, she can easily become aggressive if she feels offended or challenged. She always fiercely defends her friends when someone tries to hurt them. She hates being treated like a child just because she looks young and becomes upset when people call her a loli.

Megumin is obsessed with explosion magic. She practices it daily and spends all her free skill points on it. Initially, she didn't care what the target would be, whether it was an empty plain or a castle, as long as she could use it once a day. Over time, she became more selective and tries to choose the largest and sturdiest objects she can find in her path.

Figure Info
  • Artist: Bulkamancer
  • Height: 203mm
  • Length: 255mm
  • Width: 225mm
  • Material: Resin
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