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Groth Cave Troll

Groth Cave Troll

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Groth is a towering cave troll, known for his strength and prowess in battle. Born deep within the dark caverns of the Stonewall Mountains, Groth was raised among his kind, learning the ways of combat from a young age.

Unlike many of his kin who prefer brute force, Groth showed a keen intelligence and strategic mind. He favored a massive club as his weapon of choice, which he wielded with devastating effect against any who dared to challenge him.

Groth's reputation as a fearsome warrior spread far and wide, and he soon became a legend among the cave trolls. Despite his ferocious appearance, Groth is known for his sense of honor and loyalty to his tribe.

Now, Groth roams the caverns and tunnels of the Stonewall Mountains, always ready to defend his territory from any intruders. His presence alone is often enough to deter would-be adventurers from venturing too deep into the dark depths where he reigns supreme.

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  • Artist: Bite the Bullet 
  • Base: None
  • Height: 78mm
  • Length: 94mm
  • Width: 76mm
  • Material: Resin

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