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  • Artist: Bite the Bullet 
  • Base: 32mm
  • Height: 68mm
  • Length: 68mm
  • Width: 68mm
  • Material: Resin

Grommok, a hulking Orc warrior with skin as tough as aged leather, bore the scars of countless battles. He hailed from the mighty Ironclaw clan, known for their indomitable strength and unwavering loyalty. His story was one of redemption.

Once, Grommok was a feared warlord, leading brutal campaigns and laying waste to villages. But the memory of an innocent child's tearful eyes, caught in the crossfire of his rampage, haunted him. This vision became the catalyst for his transformation.

Driven by remorse, Grommok turned away from the path of darkness. He sought wisdom from the elder shamans and learned the way of honor and respect for all life. He discarded his fearsome black armor and replaced it with symbols of peace and unity. 

His great sword, once stained with the blood of his enemies, was reforged into a blade of justice. Grommok traveled to war-torn regions, protecting the weak and defending the defenseless. His name became a beacon of hope for those in despair.

Over time, Grommok's deeds turned the tide of his people's opinion. The Ironclaw clan saw the error of their ways and joined him in his quest for redemption. They became a force for good in the land, aiding the oppressed and helping rebuild the very villages they once laid waste to.

Grommok's journey was a testament to the power of redemption and the ability of even the fiercest warrior to change their destiny. His story inspired generations of Orcs to seek a more honorable path, forging a legacy of peace from a history of war.

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