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Kobolds are a small, reptilian humanoid race often depicted as mischievous and cunning. They make great enemies or allies for tabletop roleplaying games, adding a fun and challenging dynamic to any adventure. Whether they're guarding their treasure hoard or devising clever traps, kobolds are sure to keep players on their toes.

  • Artist: Bite the Bullet
  • Base: 25mm
  • Height: 44mm
  • Length: 28mm
  • Width: 27mm
  • Material: Resin

In the mystical realm of fantasy, where creatures of all shapes and sizes roam, there lived a courageous Kobold named Glimmer. Unlike the rest of his kin, Glimmer possessed an indomitable spirit and a heart burning with an insatiable desire for adventure.

From a young age, Glimmer knew he was different. While his fellow Kobolds sought safety and seclusion in their underground lairs, Glimmer yearned for the thrill of the outside world. His small stature and scaly appearance did not deter him from dreaming big.

With a mighty war cry and his trusty battle axe in hand, Glimmer ventured forth into the unknown. He roamed the sprawling forests, climbed treacherous mountains, and battled fierce creatures. His barbaric strength and agility were unmatched, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.

As Glimmer faced countless perils, his determination grew stronger. He learned to harness his Kobold instincts, using cunning and strategy to outwit adversaries much larger and stronger than himself. His unwavering spirit and resilience earned him the respect of allies and struck fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Glimmer's heroic exploits soon spread throughout the land, becoming the stuff of legend. Songs were sung and tales were told of the fearless Kobold who defied the odds. He became a symbol of hope for all those who believed that true strength lies not in one's size, but in the unwavering resolve that burns within.

To this day, the name Glimmer is whispered in hushed tones among the Kobold clans, inspiring a new generation of adventurers. The legend of the Kobold Barbarian who defied expectations continues to shine brightly, forever etched in the annals of fantasy lore.

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