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Dorn Ironforge

Dorn Ironforge

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Dorn Ironforge, a daring dwarven inventor and close companion to Brolin Deepdelver, fearlessly tests the cannons and contraptions crafted by his inventive friend. Born into a family of skilled blacksmiths, Dorn developed a fascination with engineering and explosives from a young age. Drawn to the spark of innovation, he formed a strong bond with Brolin, who shared his passion for pushing the boundaries of dwarven ingenuity. As Brolin's chief tester, Dorn braves the explosions and fiery experiments with unwavering courage, showcasing his resilience in the face of danger. Their collaboration has led to the creation of powerful cannons that defend their clan and propel them into a new era of technological advancement. Dorn's indomitable spirit and camaraderie with Brolin have become legendary in dwarven circles, inspiring the next generation of inventors to embrace the thrill of discovery.

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  • Artist: Bite the Bullet 
  • Base: 25mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Length: 39mm
  • Width: 32mm
  • Material: Resin
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