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Baldur's Gate III - Raphael

Baldur's Gate III - Raphael

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Raphael has dark hair and faintly red skin, which deepens into a brighter red when he sheds his human disguise. In his true form, he has the tell-tale characteristics of a cambion; significantly with thick and decorative curved horns, and a set of pointed wings with visible membranes, similar to that of a bat.

While fiendishly ascended, Raphael's form forgoes it's remaining humanoid qualities. Wreathed in flame and two sloping horns, his head is an amalgamation of three animalistic faces with skin stretched tight over bone. His faces total three glowing, yellow eyes, each with tusked gums and open nasal cavities, exposing bloody muscle. His body visibly glows with hellfire, laced with dark, bone-like structures that lead down his arms, torso and digitigrade legs.

Figure Info
  • Artist: Bulkamancer
  • Height: 200mm
  • Length: 179mm
  • Width: 127mm
  • Material: Resin
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