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Baldur's Gate III - Mizora

Baldur's Gate III - Mizora

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Best described as a sadistic infernal lawyer, Mizora is one of Zariel's most important allies. As Wyll's patron, she is directly related to his fate throughout the game, and the party has to deal with her whether they like it or not. Initially kept a secret by Wyll due to pact clauses, Mizora is the source of his powers and the reason why he was cast out from Baldur's Gate following young Ravengard's massacre of Tiamat cultists. Ever since, she's kept Wyll on a leash, using him for her own wicked interests.

Throughout the game, the party has to interact with Mizora, and depending on the choices made, they can have good, neutral or very bad outcomes. Should Wyll follow Mizora's demands to the letter, she will reward him generously; should he be defiant instead, she'll castigate Wyll, though often applauding his spine.

Figure Info
  • Artist: Bulkamancer
  • Height: 200mm
  • Length: 203mm
  • Width: 103mm
  • Material: Resin
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