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Baldur's Gate III - Lae'zel

Baldur's Gate III - Lae'zel

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Lae'zel is a fierce warrior-githyanki, powerful even by the standards of her kin, who are hunters of mind flayers or illithid exterminators. Confronted with the transformation into the very monster she vowed to destroy, Lae'zel must prove herself worthy of rejoining her people - if they don't execute her first.

Lae'zel highly values toughness, persistence, determination, strength, and condemns compassion and assistance to others. She prefers to resolve conflicts through swordplay and intimidation. She also claims that she will do everything possible to earn the favor of her queen.

Figure Info
  • Artist: h3LL creator
  • Height: 180mm
  • Length: 82mm
  • Width: 144mm
  • Material: Resin
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