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Baldur's Gate III - Gale

Baldur's Gate III - Gale

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Gale is a genius whose love for a goddess led him to commit a terrible feat that no mortal should do. Tainted by the forbidden magic of ancient Netheril, Gale seeks to rid himself of the curse that has befallen him and regain the favor of his goddess before becoming a world destroyer.

Gale is a very powerful wizard hailing from Deepwater. He excels in the magic of Weaving, but due to a past mistake, his magical power has waned. He is very tactical and polite, hardly ever swearing. An optimist, a romantic, he has a cheerful disposition and loves to joke. Gale reads a lot, cooks well, and misses city life greatly. He tries to help others whenever possible and approves when the player comes to the aid of those in need. He loves animals and claims to have a cat.

Figure Info
  • Artist: h3LL creator
  • Height: 192mm
  • Length: 105mm
  • Width: 105mm
  • Material: Resin
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