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Fullmetal Alchemist - Alphonse Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist - Alphonse Elric

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Younger brother of Edward Elric.

In childhood, he was very similar to his brother, but slightly taller, with darker hair and amber eyes. Due to a failed attempt at human transmutation, Alphonse lost his body, and his soul ended up attached to a suit of armor. For most, Alphonse appears as a towering figure in armor, which often leads people to mistake him for the older brother, much to Edward's annoyance. The armor itself resembles medieval plate armor, with spikes on the pauldrons and an intimidating helmet. The Flamel symbol is drawn on the left pauldron. The blood seal that binds his soul to the armor is drawn on the inside near the neck.

Alphonse is calm and rational, the complete opposite of his hot-headed brother Edward. Unlike his brother, Alphonse rarely loses control and often acts as a restraining force to keep Edward in check. He participates in all of his brother's adventures, constantly lamenting over what a troublemaker his brother is. He is willing to sacrifice his own well-being and even his life for his brother and loved ones. Sensible and quite naive, although catching him off guard twice with the same trick is not easy. He dreams of regaining his body and even made a list of dishes he will eat after that. He adores cats and animals in general.

Like his brother, Alphonse is an incredibly talented alchemist. He is nearly as skilled as his brother in alchemy, and in alchemical repairs, he likely even surpasses him. He also has a good proficiency in wielding cold weapons. Alphonse is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, and even in childhood, he surpassed Edward, and after transforming into armor, his hand-to-hand combat skills only increased. Due to the absence of a body under the armor, Alphonse is likely much stronger than ordinary people, and his strength is limited only by the durability of the armor.

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  • Artist: NomNom Figures
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  • Material: Resin
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    • Artist: NomNom Figures
    • Height: 62mm
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    • Material: Resin
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